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Lance Armstrong – Villain or Victim?

As he has decided not to fight the ongoing accusations of taking performance enhancing drugs, it will be impossible to tell if Lance Armstrong was guilty or not.

What puzzles us here at The Red Bike Shop is how can the USADA (the United States Anti-Doping Agency) strip Armstrong of the seven Tour de France victories that he won?  They are in no position to do this, as surely the only people who can legitimately do that are the Tours organisers and interestingly, they say they have no evidence that he took drugs, despite testing him numerous times.

Also and without wanting to take sides, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  The US cycling authorities are relying on the word of others to impose the guilty verdict on Armstrong.  That cannot be right.  We don’t know if he is a villain or a victim, but something is not right here with the process by which he has been punished.