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New Cycle Lanes for London

The Red Bike Shop applauds a new initiative by Boris Johnson , who has launched a new cycle routes scheme for London. He proposes many miles of Dutch-style substantially segregated lanes, from the western suburbs through the heart of London to Canary Wharf and Barking.  Announcing his plans which are likely to cost just under £1billion, Boris said “I want to de-Lycrafy cycling. I want to make it normal, something for everyone, something you feel comfortable doing in your ordinary clothes. Our new routes will give people the confidence to get in the saddle. I do not promise perfection, or that London will become Amsterdam any time soon. But what I do say is that this plan marks a profound shift in my ambitions and intentions for the bicycle.”

He added: “What we want is a London where people feel that the roads are safe for cyclists. It will also get people out of the tube, out of the traffic. We will improve air quality and make it a more wonderful place to live.”

Over the next four years, London will open a range of high-quality new cycle routes parallel to, and named after, Tube lines and bus routes, so everyone knows where they go.

Amazing and well done Boris!