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We don’t feel sorry for him

So Lance Armstrong has admitted he cheated and took drugs to boost his performance. He accepts that he couldn’t have won the Tour de France without taking those drugs. In turn, that means he took victories away from other cyclists. He cheated them from winning what was rightfully theirs. But, except to the public who supported his Livestrong Foundation, he didn’t apologise in the interview. That is just as bad as the cheating. His disrespect of fellow cyclists is spectacular.

Clearly a clever man, he comes over in the recent interview as totally self-centred and out to get exactly what he wants, even now. His admissions to Oprah, on a television programme watched by millions globally shows him as being arrogant. Although claiming otherwise in the interview, he wasn’t repentant or remorseful, but cold and calculating. He is obviously very rich man who has been driven by the need to win at all costs and he doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way, and he has hurt many people. You have to feel sorry for those people around him, for how can they ever trust a word he says?

We don’t feel sorry for him. We think he is low-life of the worst kind. Let’s not forget, he hurt people with his lies and deceit for years, He is a cheat. He lied under oath about what he did and he lied about other people, calling them liars and because of who he was, those people were not believed when they told the truth and that hit their own careers hard. He made a lot of money doing this, even wrongfully suing people and organisations when they told the truth – he won many of those cases and will now face the legal repercussions of lying in court. He has tarnished the name of sport cycling.

Can he ever be forgiven? Possibly. Will he ever be allowed, as he wants, to cycle competitively again or indeed be allowed to compete in any sport? We hope not.